Calm Before The Storm – Hurrricane Irma

It’s pretty calm right now in Boca Raton, but we are expecting some severe bad weather here in the South Florida come Sunday and Monday. We are in the line of hurricane Irma thats going to make land fall unless she takes a sharp turn back into the Atlantic or in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2005 we lived through the devastation of  Hurricane Wilma which made land fall on the west coast of Florida and came across the state. We were out of power, water and ice for days. Since then, people around here get worried when we see the threat of a hurricane. I personally have bad memories of the hurricane and was scared throughout the night.

This hurricane Irma is destined to be worse than Wilma because it looks like the storm will come directly through the state of Florida from the south, unless the storm will turn sooner. Just look at the map below and see the powerful storm.

Luckily I got ahead of the game and picked up plenty of water at Walmart and Publix earlier in the week for me and my parents. I packed up my stuff and moved in with my parents for the days just to be with them and make sure they are stressed out. I always go to my parents house to make sure everything is OK with them and in case they have any issues with the house.  All of us picked up a couple cases of water, some staple foods, snacks and instant coffee (because what worst can happen if the power goes out right?). We already have batteries for the flash lights and I grabbed a pack of candles. Stores have been crazy ahead of the storm with no water and no bread left in the stores. The lines at the gas station have also been crazy but I have plenty of gas as well for both my parents car and mine. I also have plenty of gas for our generator.

We have been keeping an eye on this storm as it will wiggle East and West. Looks like Florida will get the worst of it. I have been asked from many friends and family members overseas as to why we are staying here and not going away? Where are we going to go? Out of the state…there was no reason for us to leave and my parents didn’t want to go either anyways. I just hope the storm will pass us by quickly.
So if you are in Florida, and you are reading this…please make sure you hunker down and be safe…Wish us luck!!!