Hurricane Irma – The Aftermath

Today is Thursday September 18, 2017 and we have just been through Hurricane Irma here in South Florida, one of the strongest storms in recent memories. To be honest, for those living in South Florida and on the east coast, we were lucky that the storm didn’t hit us directly as projected. The people living in the Caribbean islands, the Florida Keys and on the west coast of Florida, were hit more directly than us.

We made it through the storm, now it is time to clean up and help our fellow neighbors in the most need. After hearing reports from Southwest Florida and the Florida Keys, we are very grateful today to have missed a direct hit from a Cat 4-5 hurricane. Weston in particular dodged a bullet. First predicted to hit the southern tip of Florida and plough through the center of the state; only days later to shift to the west coast.

Mother nature is so very unpredictable and can change on a dime. We are grateful to have time to prepare for these major storms with our amazing minute to minute coverage and storm tracking technology. Many Floridians were instructed to evacuate and most heeded the warning.

Just look at the foretasted track of Hurricane Irma (picture above) vs the actual track (picture below).

The actual track took the storm up the west coast of Florida and not through the central part of Florida. With that, our side of the state only received Category 1 force winds, which was still enough to scare you but we got lucky.

Our City of Boca Raton in particular fared very well with Hurricane Irma. The majority of our structures are built to hurricane code after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Our community in Boca, did not lose power throughout the night and when the storm hit. The only thing we lost was Cable and Internet, which we have through Comcast. We did not have cable or internet for at least 4 days after the storm hit us. However, we cannot complain because other communities did lose power for several days.

Below are some pictures of our community after the Hurricane. As you can see from the pictures, the only damages were from trees in on the streets.