About Me

If you told me I would be starting a blog years ago, I would’ve called you crazy! I’ve always considered myself an introvert socially, and I am still working on being a great communicator through my professional career.

I’ll be using this blog to share the things I love, sports, fitness, travel, my struggles with diabetes and weight loss, my personal life reflections, and how I find balance in my very hectic lifestyle. I hope to inspire other people to follow their dreams, break down barriers and turn negativity into motivation.

To tell you a little about myself. I am originally from Munich, Germany but have lived in South Florida for the past 30+ years. However, I have lived in other parts of the world as well. I was born in Tehran, Iran and then moved to Germany (where I have lived in Munich and Düsseldorf). I still have family in Heidelberg, where I try to visit every 2 years. I have lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Johannesburg, South Africa as well.

I have travelled and visited many different countries and cities throughout my life. I feel very lucky to have experienced this and hoping to visit many other countries. My dream destination is Asia and especially Australia.

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Sending positive vibes. . . .