Computer Setup

If you bought a new or used computer and need a hand setting it up, you’ve come to the right place. PC Revive will be happy to assist in making sure that your computer is setup correctly and that preventative maintenance measures are taken. We make sure that the cabling is neat and that the setup is optimal for each client’s usage. PC Revive can make your new computer feel more familiar by helping transfer your old data and programs. We are excited to help you get your new device setup to do its job.

We will transfer your data from your old device to the new one. We can even help you learn how to use your new device if necessary. Our company will make this a hassle free process for anyone that needs a new device setup.

Virus Removal

If your computer is running slow, freezing up, or often has pop-ups it may be infected by a virus. PC Revive will be happy to remove all viruses, malware, or spyware from your computer. Removing viruses from computers is our most popular service that we offer. We also recommend using our corporate virus protection to never have to worry about reinfection. PC Revive looks forward to removing any viruses that are keeping your computer from running at its full potential.


Do you have a home or business that needs to share files or printers? PC Revive will be happy to configure any network. We can make file sharing easy between several computers. This allows you to access the same files across any computer on the network. This allows you to modify or view data without any hassle despite what device you are on. PC Revive also offers Wi-Fi upgrades so that you can get the fastest speeds possible at your location. Wi-Fi upgrade can help web browsing, gaming, or streaming video work flawlessly.


PC Revive will help you learn how to use your computer or any device. We offer tutoring in programs, social media, smart phones, tables, macs, and computer basics. We provide lessons in easy to understand terms that will help you use your computer like  a professional. PC Revive offers one on one training sessions so that we can give you personalized training courses in your home or business. Computer repair and computer training are a must for most of our clients. We would love the opportunity to teach you how to use your device.



If your printer is not printing, needs to be setup, or is out of ink we will be happy to help. Printers that are not working could have several different causes and can be difficult to get back up and working again. PC Revive will diagnose your printer to get it back up and going. We can also share printers across a network so that all devices on the network can print and scan from the same printer!